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Microbial Detection and Identification

Biological inspection methods include: sterility test, microbial limit test of non sterile products, bacterial endotoxins test, etc. In addition, the method suitability test should be conducted when testing the product to confirm that the method used is suitable for the product.

Microbiological testing and identification can determine whether the drug is contaminated, control the quality of the drug, and en-sure the effectiveness and safety of the drug. Therefore, the results of microbial testing and identification is one of the important basis for measuring the hygienic level of the whole process of drug production.

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Dual power supply system, dual backup scheme for each condition, disaster recovery system

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Current Regulations and Guidelines for Microbial Detection and Identification

中国药典(2020版), ChP(2020)

Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology

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