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Laboratory and Instruments

The company's laboratory is equipped with the most complete high-end analytical instruments of third-party testing laboratory

Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry: Thermo Orbitrap QE Focus、SHIMADZU LC-MS/MS-8060 x2、LC-MS/MS-8045、AB SCIEX 4000 x2;

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry:Agilent ICP-MS 7800;

Liquid chromatography:Waters ACQUITY UPLC、Waters-2695、Agilent-1200 etc;

Gas chromatograph/gas chromatograph mass spectrometer:HS-GC2030、HS-GC 7890、SHIMADZU GC-MS/MS 8040;

Atomic absorption spectrometer:Perkin Elmer 900T;

Infrared/infrared microscope system:Agilent Cary 610 / FTIR;

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer:GE SIEVERS-M9;

Thermogravimetric Analyzer: Mettler TGA/DSC 3+ and other physical and chemical analysis equipment.

Assure Pharma has a BSL2 biosafety laboratory (P2 laboratory), which contains C+A clean areas, and is equipped with biological safety cabinets, ultra-clean workbenches, steam sterilization, incubators and other equipment.

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