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Relationship With Investors

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    Our partners have extensive experience in drug CMC, and the core team is familiar with the registration and registration regulations of each region of the drug. We make full use of the requirements of pharmaceutical companies for the system and research and control of quality to provide customers with high-quality CRO drug safety services

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    Our major capital investors have invested in environmental third-party laboratories in the field of health. After ten years of operation, they have become a laboratory widely recognized by customers and markets in the industry in China. At the same time, the investor is also a professional in the analytical instrument industry, and has provided comprehensive analytical instrument services to more than 3,000 customers, saving customers time and capital costs. The investment in Assure Pharma is based on long-term investment and value investment. In the first phase, a large amount of capital was invested to build a laboratory with super-large, precision instruments and excellent teams. In the end, we hope to provide more timely and effective outsourcing services for drug safety and quality to drug manufacturers and participate in the process of providing people with assured drugs.

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