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The last defense in the field of health is medicine. How to provide effective and safe medicine has always been the core concern of scientists and entrepreneurs. All participants should keep the dignity of entrepreneurs and scientific workers with a respect for life. Thus, the investors and the staff of Assure Pharma get together, thereupon, we work hard to provide professional services for the R&D and manufacture of safe drugs.

Jiangsu Assure Pharma Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was located in Suzhou Industrial Park. The first phase investment was 6 million dollars. Assure Pharma(3,900 square meters)is led by pharmaceutical analytical scientists. Committed to creating a world-class CRO laboratory in the field of pharmaceutical quality and safety research. The laboratory has passed the CMA / CNAS (ISO/IEC17025) accreditation, operates in accordance with the cGMP rules, and has obtained the GMP compliance certificate issued by Suzhou Pharmaceutical Association. We provide research and testing services in strict accordance with customer requirements, referring to the current version of ICH / FDA/ ChP / USP / EP / JP / ISO / GB and other standard methods. The data and reports are applicable to NMPA / CDE / FDA / DMF / EDMF / NAD / ANDA and other document requirements.

We continuously strengthen the technical capabilities and quality system to improve R & D efficiency, reduce project costs and standardize the overall process for our customers. We hope that through joint efforts, we will become the first choice CRO laboratory that our customers trust in drug quality and safety research, and contribute our strength to human health.

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    Assure team is rich in technology and experience, full of responsibility and literacy, full of social responsibility and customer value paramount concept, providing professional safety evaluation and research services for drug development and drug production and circulation

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    r&d institutions and drug manufacturing companies that strive to provide safe and effective drugs to humans are worthy of respect. Assure helps these respected companies to further improve the safety and reliability of drugs, or help them reduce R&D and production costs

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    We are distressed by the patients of each disease and care about the treatment of each disease. We use professional technology and caring heart and hope to participate in the process of ensuring the safety and reliability of drugs

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